275 Days

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Monday April 21st I will be on CJOB Radio at 2 PM, and Thursday the 24th I'll be on CTV Morning Live at 8:15 AM promoting the world travel presentation at St. Boniface Hospital Research, happening Thursday April 24th. See the Facebook page for more information about the presentation.

The Studio Tours are done for another year. We'll see you again in May for the second annual Mother's Day tour. If you want to be informed/reminded of the next tour, send me an email asking to be included on my ever expanding email list!

To read a bit about the goings on this past weekend, see the new post on the blog.


South Osborne Arts Group Studio Tours December 7 and 8, 2013. See the brochure.



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275 Days: The Photographs

80 Pages of full size photographs from 275 days and thirty three thousand miles


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A book based on the 275 day trip

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greeting cards

Greeting Cards with a selection of five door images from Italy, India, Cambodia, and Vietnam


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Limited number of mini(ish) posters available, featuring fascinating doors, windows, and stairs from around the world.

Fall Tours fast approaching! November 29th and 30th, 2014

Nine artists from the South Osborne community will once again be opening their home studios for everyone to enjoy an afteroon (two actually) of art. Visit and talk with the artist in their own work environment, ask questions, and if something sufficiently moves you, there is art to buy as well. But if you're looking for a pressure free environment to satisfy your artistic curiousity, this is the place to be. Think of it as a walk through nine distinct galleries. Two new artists are in the mix this year, something new for everyone.

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Have any questions regarding anything you see here? Want to purchase a piece of art or a photograph or ask further questions about specific work? Looking for travel tips on any of the places you recognize and are thinking of visiting? We love talking travel, so if we've been there, we probably have an opinion. Hotels, how to get from here to there, restaurants, apartment living, rickshaw management, yes we definitely have an opinion on most of these things. Click on contact above to see how to get in touch with us. You can even read the blog for more travel information.




Artwork, photographs and prints by artist Reymond Pagé

"It was five months ago today that we left home, and thinking about being home is a strange thing. There are no salty beaches there, no ruins. No temples and no sites. There are no cows wandering the streets and no children working in the stores and calling out your name. There are no beggars waiting for you outside of restaurants and churches, waiting so that they can show you their affliction or deformity in the hopes that you will take pity on them and give them money. There are no two thousand year old buildings or two thousand year old carvings as large as a city block. There are almost 40 times as many people living in Cairo, and there are more people on the street out front than in all of Winnipeg. There are no pharaohs and no kings, no elephants and no tigers. There are no thirty degree days in December.
The extraordinary continues to be revealed to us relentlessly, and there are days here when it seems impossible that any of this is happening, and it seems impossible that one day we will be back at home, going back to school and work, back to grocery shopping and meal preparation, summer and winter, friends and family. I wonder if we will be able to grasp the extraordinary in everything we do and see and have."


Relive a 275 day journey through art and photography from Italy to Vietnam. To see a video compilation of the trip, click on the word 'trailer' at the left. To read excerpts from the 275 Day travel blog, or to learn more about the book, 275 Days, click on the book cover on the left.

Imagery is being added regularly. To be notified when new work is added to these collections, click on contact above for information on how to be added to the mailing list.

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Photographs from around the world



Paintings and drawings on canvas, paper, and board



Artwork and photographs and themed work in a variety of sizes