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Most pages have full colour photographs, or reproductions of paintings and drawings inspired by travels, all set along side blog posts that were originally written during our travels. These posts were later edited for length and clarity.

Table of Contents - Europe

page with art

Of course, not all pages are full of photos and paintings.

first two pages

Preah Palilay pages

And there are actually a few pages that have no photos or art at all. But not very many.


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Two-page spread from the India book, The Happy Accident.

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  You can read more about the whole two hundred and seventy-five day story here. How did they do it? Did they plan the whole thing in advance? Where did they go? How much did it cost? Why India?  
  The Great Year - India Edition is book two of a three book set. Book One and Book Three are now available. Read more about the whole story here.  
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