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February Print Sale - $20!

In honour of Valentine's Day, how about a print sale featuring images of one of the most romantic places on Earth? All 8 by 10" photos of Venice, with white matte, only $20. That is insanely inexpensive. Not cheap, just inexpensive. All you need is your own 11 by 14" frame, pop this sucker in there and it's hello romance. (Flowers are so 2020.)

To order a print, send an email or message via Facebook (275Days) and note the title (below each piece) of the print that you would like. Payment can be made via e-transfer or cash on pickup.

This offer is for (curbside) pick-up only. Good until February 28, 2021.

You can find a few of these prints (and others) on my Italy Redbubble page if you would prefer to order online. Redbubble pricing is for the print only. Shipping to Canada is around $5 (and goes down per piece if your order more than one). Some prints on Redbubble available up to 20 by 30". Posters even larger if you're looking for a low-cost large option. If you want a hassle-free option, Rebubble has a framing option just for you. And shipping costs are not all that bad. In fact, they're pretty good.


Burano Bike
Burano Window
Burano Yellow
ca rezzonica
Burano Bike
A Burano Window
Burano Yellow
Palace View
A sunny day in Burano, a small island a short vaporetto ride from Venice.
There are loads of colourful windows around Burano, but this one in a shady spot caught my eye.
There is a colour of yellow that I am certain only exists on Burano. Or maybe it's the sunshine. At any rate, laundry day is always beautiful in Italy.
One of many views of Venice from Ca Rezzonico

The Gondolier

The Red Canal
The Orange Canal
The Yellow Canal
This is a typical site on a sunny spring day in Venice. But just because it's typical, doesn't make it any less dreamy.
This Venice canal seems to glow with a light all of its own making.
Mid afternoon sunshine adds a fresh coat of paint to all colours in Venice.
The early morning calm makes for glassy-surfaced canals throughout Venice.
Classic Venice

Burano's Rainbow

Relaxed Venice

Venice in all its glory - gondolas, shops, markets, and sunshine.

Burano's signature look featuring all the colours of the rainbow.
If you prefer your gondolas pointed to the right, this one is for you.
View from the Accademia
The Venice Window
The view from Accademia Bridge will hold your attention for hours. Morning, noon, and night, it is a vision that will keep a part of your heart resting there for an eternity.
A classic feature of Venice, the stone arches adorning its windows on every building along the Grand Canal.
A Happy Alley
The Green Canal
The Dark Canal
A bright and sunny alley, like all the alleys in Venice, makes for a great afternoon walk.
History isn't kind to Venice's water-logged walls, but that doesn't take away from the sheer beauty of the passage of time.
There are many hidden canals throughout the city, and giving yourself the time to explore is the greatest gift you can give yourself when visiting here.
This was indeed an anomaly along Venice's canals, but there didn't seem to be any urgency in dealing with it.
Reflections 1
Reflections 2
Reflections 3
Call Me
$60 - 16 by 24"
$60 - 16 by 24"
$60 - 16 by 24"
$40 - 12 by 18"
Reflections 4
Apartment 2063

Want to see a larger image? Shoot me a message and I will send you a digital version.

Most of these prints are 8 by 12", but since 11 by 14"frames are much easier to find, I'm matting them with an 8 by 10" opening, a matte that generally speaking looks better in an 11 by 14" frame. As such, the edges of the prints will be cropped somewhat. Framed prints on Redbubble are cropped at nearly the full image size.