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From copywriting (our most favourite speciality) to layout, illustration to photography, and everything outside and in-between, our visual services team will get you where you need to go, whether you want to or not. We're not about to pussyfoot around an inadequate product intended for yet another pointless market niche, so if you want some pretty words to dress up a third-rate, non-export-quality product or idea, you will not be happy when our bill arrives.

However, if your idea will make your community a better place to live, we are all in. Not for free, mind you, but we will be there. Let's work together (that means: give us the latitude to do whatever we want) to get your concept moving forward (which is the opposite of backward - no one wants backwards anymore, no matter what any president says. This is the 21st century, where we say a resounding SHUT IT to mealy-mouthed madmen who are aiming for the dark ages (which was before the Renaissance, so, backwards (although, it could be argued that the Renaissance was already underway in many parts of the world other than the center of the universe at that time, but whatever (mind you, it could be argued that that pre-Renaissance Renaissance was a result of unrelenting savagery and ill-gotten booty, but we are not history majors, we are artists and writers, designers and thinkers, and we will get to the point to get your business to market))))).))) ).

Need examples of what we are capable of before you hand over all banking information to us? Here you go.


Books, brochures, business cards, greeting cards, advertising copy (which is what you're reading right now, so you already know that we wield words like a carpenter swings a hammer (an effective carpenter with a good hammer, that is). Simple page layout for your best-selling novel? We've done it. Four-colour process books with six-figure budgets? Been there too. Television? Yes. Radio? Not our best side, as we're a visual company, but yes, we've done that too. The web. Print. Outdoor signage. If you can think it, we've done it. Not graffiti, mind you. We haven't done that. We've removed some pretty awful graffiti, but never participated in its creation. We've documented some of the best graffiti in Canada, but we freely admit, our strengths do not lie there. But if that's what you want, we know top people. We have the best people in mind all the time. That's what keeps us so optimistic. Out of touch, perhaps, but deliriously optimistic. Speaking of Optimism, our musical aficionados can also take care of all your CD…MP3, digital recording needs…whatever format the cool kids are buying these days, we'll package it and present it to your adoring public in a way that is honest, and may reduce sales if you're actually not a good person.
Logos? Of course, but they are expensive to do well. Sometimes we can crank out something useful on a kleenex while we're on the way to the airport headed to yet another international design conference, but other times we have to think about it for a bit, do a little research, and make something with lasting significance. So if we get lucky, that's our win. You pay the price of lasting significance regardless of how long it takes us, because that's just fair to our bottom line. Sometimes we're gonna take a bath on a quote, and sometimes we're gonna win. Whatever the process, you walk away with winning design.
Need a questionnaire? We'll write those up too.
Your blog in need of some sprucing up? We have a massive in-house library of photography from select parts of the world. Travel advice? Sure, I guess, but that's not really for our design division, so you might want to look here or here for that sort of thing.
Image makeovers? Oh, boy, now you are talking.
If you need us, get in touch. But please don't call. We simply don't answer the phone anymore what with everyone trying to reduce my interest rate, or sell me on carpet cleaning. Or if you do call, please, for the love of all that is holy, just leave a message. You're the one calling us. Don't hang up because I'm inconveniencing you by letting my answering machine take your call and record your words about what you want to do. I'm giving you the tape. Record a message!

Need to create a video about your wondrous new [insert life-changing idea here]? That can be arranged.

Put together a book of your family's travels? Make a massive poster of all those travel moments? We can do it. Unless you went to Disney World, we don't have people for that.



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