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Winnipeg, an early 20th Century Colossus

Winnipeg's importance as a centre of trade helped it to increase in population by almost 800% over a 30-year span ending in 1921, with a population of around 180,000. A variety of factors, including increased western advancement and the opening of the Panama Canal brought about a gradual decline in Winnipeg's importance. Many features of that boom town remain, particularly in The Exchange district which is becoming ever more popular as time goes on and the city recognizes not only the beauty of these buildings, but the functional aspect of all these fabulous old buildings in a compact downtown area.

My vision for this part of the city is one of a greater residential population, more business - including grocery, banking, and more worthwhile retail shops - and fewer cars. Way fewer cars. Downtown Winnipeg has a chance to be spectacularly vibrant, but it won't work without a large 24-hour population base.


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From the Ashes - 2017

Elemental Discrimination - 2017

That's a Nice Building - 2017


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