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It's time to get away

Forget all this nonsense about comfort zones or zen travel, of challenging yourself or finding yourself. You don't need a label. Just go. You'll never regret it…unless you die, maybe, but otherwise, it all makes for a great story. Pagé was brutally ill in the Rajasthani outback, and thought of nothing else but being home. Travelling was stupid. Today? That's a needle in a haystack of great moments in the story of his lifetime.

Here you will find links to some of our favourite travel stories, travel photography and some super-fine travel-inspired artwork, along with some fabulous large print collages in the Travel Collections section. You can even have custom prints designed to your personal tastes. Want a 40 by 60 inch print full of iconic buildings? Done. The most beautiful doors? We might have exactly what you're looking for. A personalized eight-foot long print of your own family journey? We couldn't dream of anything more fun.

Also below, you will find links to some of our favourite places, favourite stories, the odd bit of advice, and maybe even a little bit of wisdom thrown in as well. New stories are being added regularly. Or if you can't wait and just want it all now, order our books. They may have typos, but they are beautiful. Not the typos, which there are less and less of all the thyme (!), those are just irritating (way more so for the writer - imagine reading something over and over, fifty times or more, then getting your book printed, and finding out you said, "and" instead of, "an"- complete misery), but the books themselves? There is no more beautiful family travelogue out there. We can almost guarantee it. We won't, but almost. But not quite. Although it's probably true.


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Granada is attractive enough that it wouldn't be a total disaster if you missed the Alhambra. But let me be clear: do not miss the Alhambra.


Chefchaouen Morocco

If you've thought about going to Morocco enough to do some research, you've probably seen a photo of this stairway as it is shown pretty much every time someone even whispers, "Morocco..." It's not quite this blue, but it FEELS this blue when you're in it…

Walking into the site, we are greeted by a two-thousand-year-old arch, still doing its best to hold the empire together. As I take picture after picture, my son Jonas says, “Uh, Papa.” I don’t immediately respond. “Papa, I think you should take a look at this.” When I turn, something catches in my throat as I look at my family, standing awestruck before two kilometres of pillars lining what was once Apamea’s main street…

kudle beach

Those two weeks would prove critical to our piece of mind as it would be more than two months before we'd have an opportunity to relax like that again. Gokarna was the perfect place for us, easy going, very beautiful, great local, small, family run restaurants, and as a bonus, remarkably inexpensive…


Istanbul was for us a city that conjured up all sorts of ideas and imaginings. It was our home for two weeks and became a place where we felt very at home and at peace. Riding the subway, taking the bus, walking the streets…

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staying fit




hotels vs. apartments



After a short walk through a truly enchanted forest, what we have been anticipating from Angkor now begins to reveal itself, in the form of a small temple, Preah Paliliay, where nature has almost completely overwhelmed…


We happened upon Chittorgarh quite by accident. A train reservation clerk who was maybe new to his job? A computer glitch? Or was it just plain old fate? Whatever it was that conspired to get us to Chittorgarh bright and early that January morning, to you I say, Thank you…

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doors of india




chiang mai


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This is indeed a remarkable setting, but to find it in India (which I must stress is anything but agonizingly dull) after two months of travelling the land of open sewers, cows on the streets, garbage and dung underfoot everywhere, poverty and overcrowding, crumbling infrastructure, spitting, burping and all manner of other expulsions, one rupee one pen one chocolate, hello sir rickshaw yes please, let me take you to my shop, men with guns urinating…


Termessos, Turkey is a place out of my dreams. My heart actually raced a little bit after seeing pictures on the internet, and I imagined myself walking in the city with its walls intact, its people breathing, and its history playing out on the 2000+ year old streets. 


 In Canada, as in many other countries I'm sure driving down the wrong side of a main street would have resulted in death, dismemberment, bad feelings, and maybe some fisticuffs. In India, opposing traffic simply accommodated our oncoming vehicle…



vang vieng






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